I was asked by the Drawing Box International group to share a studio visit video focused on my drawing practice.

From my previous studio on Lovejoy in Northwest Portland, this short video gives you some insight into my practice and my process.

A 30-minute Instagram Live artist talk from my Upshur studio in Northwest Portland, OR where I talk about the thinking behind my work, show you around my studio, and discuss process and materials.

A fast-forward style speed drawing shows a little of my drawing process with graphite. I’m using a heavyweight drawing paper and it’s about 30” x 42”.

Sidestreet Arts—Artist Talk, August 2021
”Join painter Mark Dunst and ceramic artist, sculptor Chayo Wilson as they give us a personal tour into their processes and inspirations for this amazing paired show.”

Sidestreet Arts—Show Preview, August 2021

”Painter Mark Dunst joins ceramic sculptor Chayo Wilson to preview the work from their August 2021 Feature Show.”