I love working large because I'm able to engage in another form of thinking, thinking more from the body rather than the mind. I'm always trying to navigate the uncertainty inherent in the way I work and I end up taking a lot of wrong turns. The American artist and teacher Robert Henri said that "A work of art is a trace of a magnificent struggle." And I think that's what I'm trying to document in my work, this struggle to find the drawing, to find something unpredictable and beautiful within the many wrong turns. Because beauty lives in the questions and in the gaps, in the open-endedness and the in-betweenness of our everyday lives.

The process becomes this back and forth conversation (and argument) between the rational and non-rational; between thinking and doing where I'm trying to let go of the illusion of what I think is real, let go of how I think things are supposed to be. And in the end, it's that tension, it’s the uncertainty in outcomes we inevitably affect and are affected by, it’s the inner discord we all struggle with, that can be incredibly revealing and beautiful to me.